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Artist Statement: Recycled Earth

All the globes are crocheted from clean plastic bags that we recycle.  We don’t just use the clean bags from when we buy things, but we collect the bags that others throw away. If we see a bag that is clean, we pick it up. If it’s in good condition, we pick it up. By doing so, we are helping the ecosystem. 

This project is important because this is how we take care of our planet, so that in the future our children can continue to enjoy a healthy environment. We’re not just thinking about ourselves, but also about providing a healthy environment for our children. By setting an example, we help raise awareness among other people, our neighbors, especially the children.


Patricia Chavez Sanchez, Maria Chavez Sanchez, Leonor Arbelaez
Leticia, Columbia


Found and recycled clean plastic bags.

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The project started with 25 globes and we plan to add more as the project grows.  Hit the link to see what other artists have created and read about their journeys and the people they have inspired.

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